Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Blog

Hi everyone! Hope you found the new blog ok.
I figured I should have a blog dedicated to the fun adventures in missionary work.

In this blog I will update you all about all the amazing things the Lord is doing around the world. Like always you will also have the opportunity to support me just by clicking on the link on the left.

I know I was just getting followers on my other blog but I felt like this is more professional.

So to get this rolling......
Two weeks ago I was making calls to follow up with those who have downloaded the Global Church Planting Sunday kit. As I was making my way down the list I called Frank. He didn't answer at first.
So as I moved on I got a call back from him. As soon as I answered he blew me away. Just to hear his story truly inspired me. At that moment I had "God bumps".

He is starting a ministry of sorts. He is opening a "Life Tree Cafe'". Its not a church because we are the church. He plans to show the entire town Gods Love. Even if he had to go door to door by himself.


By the end of the conversation I told him I was going to come see his opening and meet him. His personality is so contagious! And after a 30+ minute convo we left it at talk to you soon friend! I have never had that of a connection with a 60 year old complete stranger. It was totally a God thing!

I am so blessed to call this my job! What an amazing calling!

So with that I will leave you. Just remember you can help play a huge part in winning people to Christ around the WORLD! There are three things you can do. 1)Support me, 2)Pray and 3) Plant a church.

Now go make a difference in your World!

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