Sunday, March 12, 2017

Update on what Ive been up to.

Hello beautiful people!!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to share what I have been working on recently.

This past week I have been in Temecula California filming part of our training we are putting online!
God has truly blessed us by bring us a wonderful videographer. He is super skilled and has truly helped us out. He even offered to work with me and teach me all the tricks and tips.

Im sure I have told everyone about this amazing training and I'm sure you are tired of hearing about it. But, this is incredibly important. There are countries out there that haven't received FREE Church Planting training. We believe our training is a stepping stone to reach the world for Christ. Just as He commanded us.

Everybody filming this week did an amazing job. I was a little rusty and didn't do the best for the first video but after I regrouped I knocked it out of the park.

I'll keep you all updated for a release date. You will definitely want to take part of this training!


I also wanted to talk about something I heard today.
" The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
                                                                 ~Steve Jobs

I feel more and more strongly that I need to stop "letting" others do what God has called me to do. I need to do more to change the world for Christ. I need to encourage more people, love more, give more, share more.

We all need to do more so that the entire world knows who God created them to be. Lets agree together to do more, love more, and share more about Christ. No one is going to change things. You have to do it!!

Think about that. Pray and contemplate on that.

You are ALL loved!

Now Go... Explore Change your World!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The New Everyday

Hi friends 

I wanted to talk about something that has been brought to the forefront of my mind recently. 

And that is the new "everyday" look. There is always amazing makeup looks on Pinterest and Instagram. But at what point do we realize that those "everyday" looks are way over done? When will we realize that we have young women looking up to us. Who now have huge standards put on them because of it. When will we realize that those "everyday" looks are not "everyday" obtainable?

To be completely open with you, I don't like most of the overdone looks. I rarely wear that much makeup. Plus I'm lazy when it come to my morning routine. I like the basics. Nothing fancy. 

Although here recently I have had some fun learning some new things. But again nothing fancy. 

At what point to we understand that our over done face isn't ours anymore. God made each of us unique and when we all look a Kardashian we loose that uniqueness that He has blessed us with.  

So lets all remember these three things: 
1) Take those looks with a grain of salt
2) Remember who God made you to be
3) Be yourself and not someone else

Now go make a difference in your world!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Hi friends! Happy New Year!

I pray each of you had a blessed Christmas. I know I did. I was blessed beyond measure this year.

The end of the year is coming fast. Time to make end of the year donations. I would be so honored if you would pray about partnering with me.

If you are already partnering with me here is what you helped accomplish.

  • 23,000 Leaders Trained 
  • 46,000+ Churches Planted
  • 2.5 Million+ souls impacted just from those 46,000 Churches planted
  • 7 new languages in our training materials 
  • 7 new countries opened. 
This just scratches the surface of all the amazing blessings you have helped with this year. 

Next year's goal is to see 29,000 new leaders trained, and to reach 150 countries. 
These are huge goals! We can't do it alone. Please pray about partnering with me and letting me be your hands and feet. I would be happy to share with you what Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) and I are doing and how you can help. 

I'm trying to find 14 families or individuals to partner with me at $75 a month. 
Let me know if you would like more information. 

Click HERE to give.

Always remember... God love you and so do I! 

Many Blessings 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Friends & End of The Year Giving

Hi friends!

I hope your holiday season is going great. I apologize for not posting a blog sooner. Here is what has been happening.

1) As most of you know back in Sept or so I changed positions with Dynamic Church Planting International. I have been working with an amazing team to start up an Online and Remote Training program. We are wanting to reach at least 500 leaders within our first year. With the way technology is going now a days I know we will crush our goal.

2) At the beginning of November I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the Online and Remote Training Team. We spent three days strategizing and getting to know one another in a gorgeous house. Its called On Eagles Wings Ministries. They purchased this house so they could offer free stays for ministries who needed a place to meet or a place to have a retreat at. This place is a HUGE blessing for DCPI!

So I spent three days with the team and then we traveled up to Long Beach and hopped on a 5 day cruise. DCPI has this cruise every year for the Global Vision Summit. The GVS is where all the top leaders come and share about whats been going on in there world zone.

Darron talking about Austria 
It was truly incredible to hear all the stories of God's faithfulness! It might not seem like it to you but millions are being impacted each day because of these leaders and the training they are providing!

Praying for the North America World Zone

After each presentation of the world zone we all joined together as one and thanked God for everything He has been doing and asked for continued blessings over their zone.


My team even had the opportunity to present the news about the new Online Training program. We had only met for 3 days and yet we all knew our part and was able to stir up some excitement from the World Zone leaders.

We have a very divers team. Ada is from Brazil, Regis has lived in Japan and Brazil. The Lord definitely knew what he was doing when he joined us all together. We fit together like a puzzle. Each complementing the other.

Ada, Brandon, Regis, Aaron, Jessica 
 3) So now that you have seen a little bit of what's been going on these past few months and with the end of the year coming fast. I would like to extend an opportunity to you.

There is still A LOT of work to be done before every person has had an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am looking for individuals and Churches who believe in what I am doing to partner with me.

I am looking for 14 new ministry partners that can join me for $75 or $100 a month. Or an end of the year special gift to help us train Church planters. Also, I am looking for 5 Churches to adopt me as their missionary and join me at $200 a month.

If you are interested, I would be happy to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have and tell you more about DCPI and our mission.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Titles

Some of God's handy work. 

Hi friends!

I have completely dropped the ball. I meant to post last month but some how this year is flying by for me. I mean there are only 20 fridays until Christmas! Where has the year gone?

I have some exciting news...... I have a new position with DCPI. You are looking at the new Online & Remote Training Coordinator and.... Partnership Coordinator.

I am beyond words with what this means for me. The Lord always know what's best & I am trusting Him for it!!

I had been working on Church Engagement. Coming up with a plan to engage churches in order to help support DCPI. I loved working with the team but turns out it's a one person job. I hope my other teammate finds another position within DCPI like me.

Im sad to see the team break up, but with sadness come EXTREME EXCITEMENT!
I really don't have word to describe how blessed I feel.

PLUS..... I get to work with the awesome friend who told me to apply with DCPI. He is really the reason I am fulfilling my calling! Eekk!

Sorry for the short blog. Ill share more as I get deeper in my new job.

Oh and I added a picture to beautify this blog post a little.

No go make a difference in your World!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi everyone! 
I hope today is full of fun and blessings!! 

Since it's almost July and I haven't updated you since May I figured I should. So here goes.....

Last week I was in Olathe Kansas for DCPI's North America World Zone Summit. I know I'm six months into this job but each and every chance I get to go to things like this I take it! Because each time I do, I begin to unfold layers of DCPI and what we do. 

I know what your thinking... yes, I know what we do! But I don't know all the little details. Like who are master trainers? Who are the certified trainers? Who are the people who take our training? Or what denominations are involved? 

All of those were answered last week when I got to meet some amazing people. I also learned more about where DCPI has been and where it's going! I also heard from David about NexGen. This is a program to reach young people. Our young people are the ones who will take over when we are gone and it's so important to reach them now! 

It was also a great time to encourage and revitalize those church planters and trainers. We talked a lot about leadership and the value of mentoring people. I never knew the value in having a mentor/accountability partner. 

During this 3 day summit trainers had an opportunity to go back over their Vision, Goals, Strategies(VGS) from previous trainings. In each of DCPI's training tracks leaders and trainers are asked to pray and seek God to find out what their VGS is. Even though I don't plan on planting a church anytime soon I find that putting together my own VGS can help me greatly! Putting it together keeps you accountable. It also helps you keep Gods call on your live in check. 

I think my favorite quote from the summit was... "Passion is one step away from crazy!" Or "If leadership is lonely at the top, you might have led wrong!"

In the midst of all of this, I applied for my minister's license. This is a HUGE step of faith for me. I could definitely use your prayers for this!! The process will take a few months and if you know me I am very impatient! I know it's silly but if the Lord wants me to do something I'll do it but I want immediate success. You would think that after 32 years on this earth that I would have patience. Well I do for somethings. lol. 

Anyway I hope this encourages you to go out and explore your world and make a difference for Christ! 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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If you want more info let me know!

Now go make a difference in your World!