Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi everyone! 
I hope today is full of fun and blessings!! 

Since it's almost July and I haven't updated you since May I figured I should. So here goes.....

Last week I was in Olathe Kansas for DCPI's North America World Zone Summit. I know I'm six months into this job but each and every chance I get to go to things like this I take it! Because each time I do, I begin to unfold layers of DCPI and what we do. 

I know what your thinking... yes, I know what we do! But I don't know all the little details. Like who are master trainers? Who are the certified trainers? Who are the people who take our training? Or what denominations are involved? 

All of those were answered last week when I got to meet some amazing people. I also learned more about where DCPI has been and where it's going! I also heard from David about NexGen. This is a program to reach young people. Our young people are the ones who will take over when we are gone and it's so important to reach them now! 

It was also a great time to encourage and revitalize those church planters and trainers. We talked a lot about leadership and the value of mentoring people. I never knew the value in having a mentor/accountability partner. 

During this 3 day summit trainers had an opportunity to go back over their Vision, Goals, Strategies(VGS) from previous trainings. In each of DCPI's training tracks leaders and trainers are asked to pray and seek God to find out what their VGS is. Even though I don't plan on planting a church anytime soon I find that putting together my own VGS can help me greatly! Putting it together keeps you accountable. It also helps you keep Gods call on your live in check. 

I think my favorite quote from the summit was... "Passion is one step away from crazy!" Or "If leadership is lonely at the top, you might have led wrong!"

In the midst of all of this, I applied for my minister's license. This is a HUGE step of faith for me. I could definitely use your prayers for this!! The process will take a few months and if you know me I am very impatient! I know it's silly but if the Lord wants me to do something I'll do it but I want immediate success. You would think that after 32 years on this earth that I would have patience. Well I do for somethings. lol. 

Anyway I hope this encourages you to go out and explore your world and make a difference for Christ! 

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