Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Titles

Some of God's handy work. 

Hi friends!

I have completely dropped the ball. I meant to post last month but some how this year is flying by for me. I mean there are only 20 fridays until Christmas! Where has the year gone?

I have some exciting news...... I have a new position with DCPI. You are looking at the new Online & Remote Training Coordinator and.... Partnership Coordinator.

I am beyond words with what this means for me. The Lord always know what's best & I am trusting Him for it!!

I had been working on Church Engagement. Coming up with a plan to engage churches in order to help support DCPI. I loved working with the team but turns out it's a one person job. I hope my other teammate finds another position within DCPI like me.

Im sad to see the team break up, but with sadness come EXTREME EXCITEMENT!
I really don't have word to describe how blessed I feel.

PLUS..... I get to work with the awesome friend who told me to apply with DCPI. He is really the reason I am fulfilling my calling! Eekk!

Sorry for the short blog. Ill share more as I get deeper in my new job.

Oh and I added a picture to beautify this blog post a little.

No go make a difference in your World!

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